Weekly Services

::Bible Study 9am
::Worship Service 10am

::Worship @ Cross Style Center 6pm

Mondays (7pm)

::Responding Recovery @ Cross Style Center


Wednesdays (6:30 pm)

::Adult Discussion Bible Study
::Youth in the Word
::Kids Bible Study

Fridays (7pm)

::Responding Recovery @ Cross Style Center


::Free Dinner & Fellowship (5pm)
::Worship Service (6pm) 

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About Us


The cross was more than an event one day in the life of Jesus; it was and is His continual lifestyle.

This style was manifested in His constant response to the will and moving of the indwelling presence of the Father.  Jesus did not operate on His own or out of His own resource, but lived in the continual flow of what the Father would do through Him.

It is still His style, the "cross style," which He now desires to reproduce in us as He comes to indwell us through His Spirit. As Jesus lived in this world, so we live in constant response to His will and moving in our lives, not operating out of our own resources, but in the constant flow of what He would do through us for a time such as this.

For more information about what the Cross Style Church believes, read our Statement of Belief.

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