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Classes in the Word

In partnership with Cross Style School of Practical Ministry, we are excited to offer Bible classes to the community. Each class focuses on the Person of Jesus and His interaction and involvement in our lives. Here is our current class schedule (all times in Central Standard Time):

Note: we will be returning to our weekly classes this coming Fall. Please check out the archives below to watch past classes.



Hebrews Discussion Bible Study - 9am


Responding Recovery (learn more) - 7pm


Discussion Bible Study (adults, teens, kids) - 6:30pm


Responding Recovery (learn more) - 6pm




Class Archive and Resources

Click the following classes for more information, to watch the sessions, to download the session audios, and get the study guide.


Biblical Ministry-NewBiblical Ministry (Stephen Manley) – Mondays 6:00pm

What is Godly-Biblical ministry and how does one discover how to live accordingly? This course focuses on Acts 1:15-26 (the first recorded business meeting of the early church) to examine Biblical principles that will change the way you live and minister.





Christology-SMChristology (Stephen Manley) – Thursdays 6:30pm

What may appear to be an intimidating word, Christology is simply the study of the person of Jesus. What could be more exciting than a study of Him? How would your life change if you knew Him not as facts and information but as a real life Person who lives within your life? This class is an in-depth study on the person of Jesus from Matthew 1-2.





Final Word-SMThe Final Word (Stephen Manley)

We have heard it preached, memorized the words, and cheer others as they live out the Great Commission. But what do these last words of Jesus to His disciples actually mean? In this ten part series on Matthew 28:16-20, Stephen Manley lays out the Great Commission in a simple, practical, and transforming study.



Tone of the Spirit-SMThe Tone of the Spirit (Stephen Manley)

The entire atmosphere of the early church changes at the Pentecost event. What was the new tone (atmosphere) that is spilling out of this great event. Join Stephen Manley in this eight part study on Acts 2:14-21 and allow the truth of Scripture to change the tone of your life and Christian atmosphere in which you live.



New Testament Evangelism-SMNew Testament Evangelism (Stephen Manley)

What is the Biblical view of evangelism? Immediately after the Pentecost event in Acts 2, the disciples couldn't help but go out in evangelism. This eight part study with Stephen Manley draws from Acts 2:5-13 to lay a foundation for Christian living and evangelism in our lives today.



Cross Style of Christ-NewSM

The Cross Style of Christ (Stephen Manley)

More than the name of our school, the Cross Style refers to the focus of Jesus Himself had all throughout His minitry (even now He continues to live the Cross Style). The book of Matthew will form the basis of an investigation into the heart of Christ which is an expression of the cross. More than a moment in time where He hung on a cross, the Cross Style is the constant lifestyle and attitude of Jesus.



NRJ-Saturation Bible Study-SMSaturation Bible Study (Nathan Johnson)

Saturation Bible Study is not mere Bible Study but soaking and being permeated with Scripture; it is the interaction between us and the Written and Living Word (Scripture and Jesus). It is not an academic pursuit but an opportunity for intimacy. This course sets the foundation for every other course within SPM as it leads you in a new paradigm for understanding and engaging Scripture. Saturation Bible Study teaches you the concept of saturation and walks you through practical examples of how to put this into place within your life.


NRJ-Jesus in OT-SMJesus in the Old Testament (Nathan Johnson)

Jesus is the key to unlocking the Old Testament. While His name is never mentioned, He is found upon every page of Scripture. This course examines how Jesus is the fulfillment and culmination of the entire Old Testament, as Jesus Himself declared in Luke 24:27, 44. Discover a greater depth of the Old Testament as you see it in light of Jesus (yes, even Leviticus becomes exciting!).





Clases de Español

Haga click en las siguientes clases para más información, para ver las sesiones, para bajar las sesiones de audio y obtener la guía de estudio.


Pentecost Understood-SPAN-SMEntendiendo El Pentecostes (Stephen Manley)


Con frecuencia El Pentecostés se entiende como el punto climático en la vida cristiana; a la vez el Pentecostés no es un complemento a la cristiandad sino es la esencia de la cristiandad en si mismo. Este curso explora El Pentecostés tal como está escrito en Los Hechos 2:1-4 no como un evento en el tiempo sino como nuestras vidas deberían de ser explicadas. Mas que un estudio sistemático, Entendiendo El Pentecostés va al corazón de todo estudiante para preguntar: ¿“ha pasado un Pentecostés en mi vida?”



New Testament Evangelism-SPAN-SMEvangelismo Del Nuevo Testamento (Stephen Manley)

¿Qué es la vista Bíblica de evangelismo? Inmediato después del evento de Pentecostés en Los Hechos 2, los discípulos no podían menos de ir fuera a evangelizar. Este estudio de ocho partes con Stephen Manley sale de Los Hechos 2:5-13 con el fin de dejar un fundamento para vivir como cristiano y el evangelismo en nuestras vidas hoy en día.