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::Responding Recovery @ Cross Style Center


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Fridays (7pm)

::Responding Recovery @ Cross Style Center


::Free Dinner & Fellowship (5pm)
::Worship Service (6pm) 

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Wilson County, Tennessee

The focus of Cross Style Church is Wilson County in central Tennessee.  No, not necessarily building a church, but more importantly impacting a community.  We are involved in prison ministry, nursing homes, English as a second language (ESL), as well as working with the homeless and a variety of local organizations and ministries.  We have started a food bank and are in the first stages of a community soup kitchen and compassionate life center.



Missions03Cross Style Church is linked with Cross Style Global Ministries (CSGM) to reach the world with the Gospel.  Nearly 15 years ago CSGM began its first Biblical Training Center in Ugunja, Kenya to train future church leaders in the Cross lifestyle.  Since that time CSGM have been part of creating over 170 Training Centers in 26 different countries around the world.  Over the years CSGM has discovered that training leaders is the key to proclaiming the message of the Cross.  When a leader begins to live in the style of the cross, his people are sure to follow. This is the main reason we are involved in creating informal pastoral training centers in every nation and region possible because we are desperate that the world would experience Jesus in His fullness!

Our dream is to facilitate the training of thousands of church pastors and leaders to experience intimacy with Jesus and live in the style of the cross regardless of education or denominational background. We would be thrilled to see hundreds of Biblical Training Centers training thousands of leaders across the globe.


What is a Biblical Training Center?

It is a place where leaders can be trained not in an academic setting of theological learning, but a training of practical ministry with the emphasis of Jesus transforming their lives through the Word of God.

Why this focus?

Missions01Because of the estimated two million pastors in the world, 90% or more have little or no formal Biblical training. These two million pastors are crying out for resources, for training, for any kind of help.  So we bring the Bible school to them — not buildings and chairs — but teaching and resources. Our equipping is not academically oriented, but practical and thoroughly biblical.   We are seeking to reach out to the majority of leaders that will never have a chance to leave home and receive formalized, academic training.

Our method is simple.

With the blessing of technology we are able to send teachers to every corner of the world through giving a TV, a DVD player, a generator and a set of DVD training courses.  Leaders gather 10-15 other leaders and pastors and present the training sessions on a weekly, bi-weekly or daily basis.  Once these resources are provided, a training center can produce trained pastors and leaders indefinitely. The cost per student is a fraction of what it would cost to send just one student to one semester of formal theological training. We do not purchase buildings, rather we give the Biblical resources necessary for a solid Christ-centered Biblical training.  Further, we do not teach methodology - instead we train and encourage depth and intimacy within Jesus and the Word in order that they may return to their homes, churches, and cities and translate the Message into their own context and culture.

Why International Training Centers?

Because millions of lives are still waiting to know about the Cross and thousands of pastors are untrained.  Join us in seeking Him as He brings life transformation across the world!